The UK Manufacturing Accelerator seeks opportunities which can deliver superior returns on invested capital.

Our broad area of investment activity is manufacturing. We will consider investing in all manufacturing sub-sectors, guided by both the attractiveness of the opportunity and by our capability to add value.

Our preferred investment stage varies from the fostering of raw industrial IP through to the growth acceleration of ambitious and established SME manufacturers.

We are interested in a broad range of opportunities, from UK designer brands through to chemicals, aerospace and automotive, electronics, engineering, materials and life sciences.

Our corporate structure allows us to be pragmatic and creative with regards to funding structures, follow-on raises, additional tax-driven rounds and exits. We are not restricted by narrow routes to value creation as are many traditional investment vehicles.

Investee companies can expect quite exceptional levels of support in working together towards common goals, with the interests of all shareholders fully aligned. We work to bring your own ideas alive.

We believe that shared goals, targeted expertise and agile capital can deliver many more outstanding manufacturers Made Great, in Britain.