The UK Manufacturing Accelerator's key people bring vast experience in corporate finance and investment management, including private placements, tax-driven investments, raising debt, mergers and acquisitions, guiding companies on to public markets and company disposals. All of this is matched with equally extensive industrial and commercial experience.

The directors, supported by extensive networks of colleagues and associates, enjoy supplying the building blocks of Made Great, In Britain.

  • Jim Murray-Smith

    Chairman. Jim is an accomplished technologist, manufacturer and industrial leader. He has built several AIM-listed businesses and is as comfortable in discussions around complex early stage IP as he is in plc boardrooms.

  • Andy McLintock

    Investment Director. Andy has many years' experience in financial services, including small cap investment management and stockbroking. As well as ensuring structure and corporate governance, Andy is personally passionate around creating superior lines of capital allocation into UK industry.

  • Matthew Harte

    Managing Director Matthew has many years experience of managing some high technology businesses through substantial growth and development. In particular Matthew was Managing Director at Biocote, a leading branded antimicrobial company and COO of Protomed, a medicine management business.

  • Malcolm Evans

    Director. Malcolm is an experienced SME corporate financier and a prolific researcher, commentator and campaigner around earlier stage funding and superior industrial policy. His mission is to bring manufacturing centre stage to economic recovery and growth.

  • Tony Knowles

    Finance Director. Tony is founder and senior partner of Hanley & Co accountants. He is experienced and adept within entrepreurial, complex and fast growth private company scenarios.